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ROOM ROOM 3 Orb record - GUIDE

Posted by N0vaXB0y - November 15th, 2020

Hey ya'll ROOM ROOM 3 Orb World Record Holder here.

Today i have a guide to help ya'll out in getting the ROOM ROOM 3 Orb World Record Time so buckle yo seatbelt and let's dive in on the strats (also screw the leaderborads for some reason it doesnt show my current best 1:26.10 on the leaderboards at least on my end so yeah).

Chapter 1 - The Beginning path.

We'll name these chapters ''paths'' since each chapter will cover a part of the map which could be considered a area or ''path''

The Beginning path is the first section of the game,a.k.a all the rooms before the Orbs Room,those being ROOM ROOM,Chillin out and Zero Walls,these are pretty simple so i won't explain them.

Instead i'll explain something that will make you be able to make your records faster.

The legendary CTRL button on your keyboard,basically it makes you move faster at the cost of the rooms moving faster while holding it.

It's basically GodMode to be honest.

Use this carefully though,since you only should use this when the area arround looks safe,don't use it when rooms are close to you or else you might run into them,so basically turn it on when it's safe but when it get's dangerous turn it off,repeat this and your records should extremely faster.

Now let's go the Orbs Room and see what we can find.

Chapter 2 - The Hub world

The Orbs Room could just be called the Hub world tbh,it gives you acess to the other paths and also has one of the orbs so that's nice.

The south pad leds you into to Survival Path which as the name says,is all about surviving the other rooms for long enough to get the next one,repeat this four times and get the orb. (this one is reallyyyy simple so it ai't going to get it's own chapter).

The west pad leds you into to Wise Path which is all about figuring out what to do.

The east pad leds you into to Skill Path which uhmmm...yeah it's KINDA obvious now ain't it.

And the north pad leds you into the end screen which has your time on it.

Now let's go into the Skill Path and collect that dragon ball already (the orbs looks like dragon balls c'mon).

Chapter 3 - The Skill Path

The first room here is Fake orbs where we have to collect fake orbs once we collect enough of 'em we can go to the Risky Room.

In Risky,we have to get close to the rooms around us enough times to unlock the next room.

And that room is ''O'' where we have to be inside the O long enough go get the next orb.

Now that's outta the way let's finish the last path.

Chapter 4 - Wise Path

In News,we touch the north wall then east wall then west and finally south.

After that we get Two visits where we have touch the other rooms twice (news being the most desirable one) and once we don' dat we can move on to 360.

In 360,we run in the clockwork direction and do a full loop.

After we do that we can finally get the orb.

After we get all McGuffins we can now beat the game.

And yeah that's kinda it to be honest,the rest is just figuring the best strategies within those rooms and get better at manouevering.

I hope you enjoyed tho and bye.



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